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Sustainability plays a role in all aspects of Jones Dairy. Proper land management allows us to harvest crops for quality feed today and for years to come. Practices across the farm ensure we use our resources to the fullest with minimal waste. 

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Here's just some of the ways Jones Dairy focuses on sustainability

- Water used to cool milk as it travels to the bulk tank is reused as drinking water. 

- Manure is captured and separated to be reused as bedding and fertilizer.

- Land management practices keep our soils healthy and prevent run-off

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Jones Dairy is a member of the National Dairy FARM Program. Through this we pledge to maintain responsible management and best practices to ensure healthy cows and wholesome milk.

The US dairy community has goals of reaching net zero by 2050! Click the image here to learn more about how dairies across the nation care for their animals, land, air and water.

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